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Around the release of the Mists of Pandaria expansion the two guilds Unity and Remnant were struggling with maintaining raid numbers. So the decision was made to unite the two guilds.  From this decision Synthesis was born.  Synthesis had a fairly productive progression raiding experience clearing 6 of 12 in Seige of Orgrimar on what is now Mythic Difficulty.  While waiting for the Warlords expansion to release certain key members of the raiding core decided to take a break from raiding and in October, Daltharang made the decision to return to Remnant and give rebirth to his guild.  Synthesis made the decision to abstain from progression raiding during WoD and several members have come over to Remnant.  This brings us to where Remnant is today, with some old members retrurning to the game and long time Remnant members reviving its core, our guild looks to make a strong run into the WoD content.

Faile spent long hours attempting to get his new site header delivered to me in order for it to be on the site, and he even spent a couple minutes making it.  =)  I've since added the phoenix behind his amazing header in order to signify the rebirth of Remnant.
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