DKP Rules

DKP Rules


DKP is for 25 man raids only and can not be used if we have un-guilded members in the raid. Main set is still given out before offsets, no matter how much DKP someone is willing to spend for an offset item. If no one is interested in the item for main set then there will be a roll off for all those interested in it for offset. No DKP will be charged for offsets unless we see people taking advantage of this rule somehow.

How to Earn DKP:

Start Value: Everyone will start out with 100 DKP.

Time Bonus: 5 DKP per hour of raiding.

Boss Kills (not on Farm): 15 DKP

Boss Kills (on Farm): 10 DKP

Wait list: You will earn the Time Bonus but not Boss Kill Points..

How to Spend DKP:

When a piece of loot is linked in raid chat by the loot master please say NEED in raid chat if you are interested in the piece for your main set. While this is going on NO ONE ELSE SHOULD BE TYPING IN RAID CHAT. You have until the loot master says Last Call for Needs to show your interest. Once the actual bidding starts and you did not type NEED in raid chat - you are no longer eligible for the piece. The loot master will call you out by name for your bids. Each person will get to bid twice. If there are multiple interested parties at the time of the third open bid, a final silent bid is whispered to the loot master. The highest bidder will be rewarded the item. If by chance the silent bid is a tie then those that tied will have a roll off and the higher roller will be rewarded the item for the price listed in the tie.

All items will have a minimum bid. This is to help classes with no or little competition in the raid from only spending 1 DKP on items. All clothing items and relics will have a minimum bid of 25 DKP, all weapons 35 DKP, and necklaces, rings, and trinkets will have a minimum bid of 15.

During the open bidding - bids will have a minimum increase value. If the current highest bid is < 100 then the next bid must at least be >= 10. If the current highest bid is between 100 and 200 then the next bid must at least be >= 20. If the current highest bid is between 200 and 300 then the next bid must at least be >= 30. And so on.

Click here for a DKP Example:§ion=custom 


Your earned DKP will decay by 10% every two weeks. This is to encourage people from hording their DKP points and help keep everyone as close to an even playing ground as possible.

How to lose DKP - yes - lose it:

Some examples of how you can lose DKP is for frequent tardiness to a raid (unless noted in your sign up), frequent unscheduled AFKs without informing an officer why, frequently signing up for raids and then not showing up without informing an officer in advance (it is possible to remove your sign up from web page if you know you won't be able to make it), and uncalled-for behavior (harsh criticism of other players that are having trouble in raids, arguing with raid leader / officers, etc). Before anyone loses any DKP they will be warned by an officer that their behavior or actions are unappreciated.


All officers have the right to refuse a bid if the gear is not an appropriate piece of gear for that class/spec. For example if a ret pally wants to bid on an spell power necklace because they could use the crit and intellect on it. Officers can refuse to accept their bid no matter how much DKP they are willing to spend.

If for some reason looting still takes up too much time a different loot system will have to be discussed.

Also - the numbers for how much you earn for each event, the % of decay, and the timeframe of decay are basically guesses on our part. If these numbers do not work out (for example people are earning WAY more then they can spend or people don't have enough to spend) the numbers could get adjusted.

Players that are gone for extended periods of time have the possibility of having the DKP reset to 200.  If you need to take an extended break from the game please speak with an officer before hand and this rule could be waived.

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