Guild Guidelines

Guild Guidelines





- There is no language filter. However, respect others by watching what you say. If any member gets carried away and they offend you, whisper them to let them know and if it continues then take the issue directly to an officer; we need to know! Retaliating back will not be tolerated.

- Members will treat all members, of any rank, with respect at all times.

- Remember that when in a pug, public chat channel, or public forum that you are representing the guild and should act accordingly.

- Members are expected to sign on to the Guild Web page periodically. Important information can be posted here and it is not our fault if you miss it.


- You should not get your main saved to any non-guild progression raid. They are for use of guild runs only unless the progression content was already cleared for the week. If you would like to pug on your alts then that is your choice.

- When signing up for a raid it is assumed you will be able to stay the whole time unless you inform an officer otherwise. If something pops up and you must leave the raid early please inform an officer ASAP. Do not wait for the exact minute that you have to leave to inform us, unless of course it is an emergency. Also if you are going to be late or know in advance you have to leave early - please mark a note on your sign up.

- All raiders are required to come prepared to all raids. This means on progression nights you must have a flask and/or elixirs, foodbuffs, regents, and come to the raid fully repaired.

- For us to get raids going on time, you need to be online at least 20 minutes before raid start time. The raid start time is when we expect the whole raid to be inside the instance ready to buff.

- Since NAXX is a floating raid instance a flying mount is a raid requirement.

- As the guild grows not everyone will get to raid every night or the full night. We will have a wait list for those that are interested in stepping into the raid if a spot should open up. If you are on the wait list please have your main ready to step into the raid within 5 mins of the invite. During progression raiding there may be multiple switches made to ensure that we continue progressing.

- All raiders are required to have Vent, OMEN, and Decursive (or some other add on that allows you to quickly remove debuffs from raid members). A working microphone in Vent is desirable but you must at least be able to listen to raid instructions.

- It is expected that you will be knowledgeable about each boss fight before raid night. The strategy we will use will be explained before the pull, but you must be familiar with the fights beforehand. is a useful website for boss information.

- Remember to keep conversations in vent that are not related to the current boss fight to a minimum. It is important to be able to hear vent calls that do relate to fight to help avoid wipes.

- Do not go afk during a raid unless it is a scheduled break. If you must take an afk and it is not a scheduled break you must let a raid leader / officer know why you must go afk and how long you think it is going to take. If frequent non-schedule afks become a problem then you can / will be removed from the raid. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that an officer knows you are afk. A 'brb' in /raid is easily missed. WHISPER it to an officer, and, if it is not an emergency, wait for a response. Do not afk during a boss fight even if dead, because we may battle rez you.

- If you die on trash, we don't need to rebuff you right away. Everyone will rebuff before boss fights.

- If an officer does a /readycheck, click 'Yes' ONLY if you are ACTUALLY READY! Do not click yes and then say over vent 'I need...' The only exception is if the officer gave specific instructions for the /readycheck.

- During a boss fight, make sure you are doing your own job and let other people do theirs. If you notice persistent problems that are not being corrected, whisper an officer. No calling people out over vent or raid chat.

- Listen to the raid leader, and do what they ask to the best of your abilities. If you think the raid leader is using a bad strategy, please attempt it anyways. We'll never know if a strategy is bad or not if everyone does try their best at it.

- Boss strategy is decided BEFORE the fight begins. Strategy will not change mid-fight unless the raid leader makes that decision. Please do not make suggestions after the fight has started.

- Do not release unless asked except after a wipe. After a wipe, unless the raid leader says otherwise, everyone should Release and run back.

- Wipes happen in progression raids - sometimes over and over - accept it, pay for it, and move on. Help correct a player if they were the cause but do not embarrass them.

- If a boss is not resettable, please do NOT run away, it is just a waste of time. If the boss can be reset it will be the raid leaders decision to either call a wipe or reset him.

- It is common courtesy to wait until everyone is rezzed before looting the boss. If the loot for a boss is in a chest then the master looter should be the first one to open the chest. Everyone can collect their badges after the loot has been handed out. If for some reason the loot was not changed to master looter before the boss kill - please pass on all loot and then the raid leader will direct the loot distribution.

Loot Distribution:

 - Trash loot: Whether in 10 or 25 man content, looting will be put on master looter and one raid member will be assigned to collect all greens for disenchantment – the mats placed in the bank for use in improving raid equipment.

 - 10-man loot: Boss loot will be rolled on by everyone for whom it is a main set upgrade. Off sets will be rolled on if no one needs the item for their main set.

 - 25-man loot: We will be using a DKP system. Please see the DKP Info Section. 


- 25 Man Tier Tokens - if two drop off the same boss - you may only win one of them unless no one else is interrested for their main set.

 - Please look at all the gear when it drops so when we get to a piece you can use - you can quickly show your interest in it. Loot needs to happen fast.

Guild Bank:

- The first tab is open to all raiders to deposit and take out of for your use. You should not be removing anything from the guild bank that you are not planning on using on one of your characters; items removed from Guild Bank should not be sold or given to a non-guild friend.

- The second tab has a limited number of withdrawls depending on your rank. Please do not abuse this privilage.

- The third tab is controlled by the officers. Raiders can deposit into it but cannot remove items. If you would like to purchase something from the 3rd tab please contact an officer. Items that are purchased from the guild bank will be sold at a fraction of AH cost.


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